What is self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage is when a person has a goal that they want to achieve but they end up doing or not doing things that block their ability to achieve that goal.

It is often the case that the individual has conflicting values and their behaviors do not match their goals. 

An example can be that you want to run a successful business because you want to have more freedom in your life. Even though you may want a successful business you may have the belief that a successful business will take more time to run so you may unconsciously find ways to sabotage yourself because you subconsciously believe that a business will take more time, thus taking away more of your freedom.

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Another form of self-sabotage is when there is some sort of secondary gain from whatever negative behavior you are engaging in.

One example of this could be someone who wants to quit smoking, but they continue to smoke because they believe it gives them certain things like a chance to have a break or to bond with other family or friends who also smoke. They may be worried that if they stop smoking these relationships will change.  This is often an unconscious/subconscious belief that the person is not even aware of.

Hypnosis can help with these subconscious beliefs because it gives us direct access to the subconscious mind where we are able to process these beliefs and create new ones quickly and easily.

This can be done without hypnosis through repetition and will power but through hypnosis the results can be immediate and permanent. You get to change your life quickly and easily.

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1:1 Sessions

I offer 1:1 sessions and help people heal and begin to feel hope and confidence again.  I help them find the resources they already have within them and show them how to use them to heal and to create the life they are meant for.